Founded in 2004, Nemodigm aims to become one of the top companies in the world.
While a lot of companies coming and going in this industry, we, with top quality professionals, take the challenge of being the best.
The best company does not only mean large number of products and sales. We are to create services that bring the most enjoyable experience to users and give pride to our employees. Therefore, the company will progress together with customers and employees and that is the "best" we are aiming for.
To achieve this vision, Nemodigm keeps open atmosphere for horizontal decision making, provides self-development chances and motivational compensation plans.
All these will lead to innovative ideas and technology, and Nemodigm will stand out with new paradigm among the stereotyped companies in the industry.
We promise to be the most outstanding company in 21st century.
Thank you.
Nemodigm Inc. CEO Jin, Sang-hoon