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Platform : Android, iPhone

Hellympic consists of various action games for you.
  • Hell Fight
  • Hell Throwing
  • Hell Jump
Platform : Android
Docomo Java(DoJa)→Android Java

"Oniichan" is a Japnese word, used when you call your elder brother or an elder male with great affection. In this application, you will be called "Oniichan" when you touch various spots hidden in the screen. "Oniichan" is spoken in various tones of voice which are wistful, sweet and teasing. Total 300 different voices are available!
Platform : Android

Night view
Japan is blessed with the most spots for sightseeing at night, more so than any other country in the world. We wanted to introduce such excellent night view spots, and so in 2003 April, “新日本三大夜景” (New Three Biggest Night Views of Japan) and in 2004 March, “夜景100選” (Japan Night View Best 100) were born.
Platform : Android